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K-SKIN Electric Facial Massager Gua Sha Board

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Color — White

Item No: KD817

Face Scraper




How to use: 

  1. The comb teeth side is used on the forehead to help reduce forehead wrinkles and relieve stress. 
  2. The comb teeth side is used on the face to aid in skin care product application, muscle lifting, cell growth, and skin plumping. 
  3. The comb teeth side is used on chin to lift and shape the face and create V-face. 
  4. The comb teeth side is used on the neck to enhance metabolism.
  5. The comb teeth side is used for the shoulders and back for scraping and relaxing, and soothing muscles 
  6. The pointed tentacle is used on the eyes to aid in eye cream lead application, lifting, and reduce dark circles.
  7. Match with skin care products. When using micro current, it can double the absorption effect. Best to use with NOBB Vitamin C Brightening and Moisturizing Day and Night Cream.
  8. Use 10-15 minutes a day for half a month to see obvious results.


  1. Turn off the device before cleaning.
  2. Protect the device from moisture.
  3. Do not flush the device directly with water to avoid damage to the machine.
  4. Actual results may vary depending on a number of factors affecting skin.
  5. Do not use on inflamed skin.
  6. Immediately stop use if irritation occurs.
  7. It is always best to consult with healthcare practitioners.


Other Information:

Brand: K-SKIN 

Model: KD817 

Name: Microcurrent scraper 

Power: 5W 

Rated voltage: 5.0V 

Product Size: 138x66x20mm

Package Contents: 1 x Scraping Plate, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x Instruction Manual

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