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LYGER COFFEE Bulletproof Black Tea 1 box of 7 sachets

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Item No: LC4

Bulletproof black tea is made with organic tea leaves and high-quality MCT oil to give you energy, improved cognitive function, and a boost in weight loss. It is filled with fats that are easily digested and help keep you feeling energetic throughout the day. Bulletproof black tea is an easy way to make tea an even healthier part of your daily routine. 


  • Strong anti-inflammatory effects 
  • Improves gut health 
  • Helps reduce blood pressure 
  • Lowers risk of diabetes 
  • Eliminates free radicals in the body 
  • Boosts immune system 
  • Promotes weight management 
  • Lowers cholesterol levels 

Black Tea 
  • Serving size: 18g per sachet 
  • Servings per container: 7 sachets 
  • Calories: 76 
  • Caffeine content: 30mg 



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