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Mine O'Clock

LYGER COFFEE Cold Brew 1 box of 5 mini cups

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Item No: LC7

Delicious Cold Brew Coffee in Minutes 

Looking for a cold brew coffee that is quick and easy to make? Lyger Coffee Cold Brew is your perfect choice! Our Cold Brew is made with our signature blend of 100% Arabica beans and is super smooth, refreshing, and easy to drink. With just a hint of earthiness, it's perfect for those mornings when you're rushing out the door or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Just grab a mini cup of Lyger Coffee Cold Brew, and you're good to go! 


  • Gentler on the stomach 
  • Helps in boosting metabolic rate 
  • Lower your risk of heart disease 
  • Very easy to make 
  • Convenient 
  • Can assist in weight loss 
  • Less acidic 
  • Decreases the risk of dementia 


  • Serving size: 2g/mini cups 
  • Servings per container: 5 mini cups 
  • Calories: 7 
  • Caffeine content: 75mg 
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