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Mine O'Clock

LYGER COFFEE Decaf 1 box of 7 mini cups

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Item No: LC8

Coffee Without The Jittery Aftermath

Looking for a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee that won't give you the jitters? Look no further than Lyger's Decaf coffee! Made with 100% Arabica beans and roasted to perfection, our decaf coffee has a refined, medium taste that's perfect for any time of day. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that our decaf coffee is entirely free of harmful chemicals and pollutants. So you can feel good about enjoying a cup or two! Go ahead and indulge in a cup of Lyger Coffee Decaf today!


  • It contains antioxidants
  • It promotes better sleep 
  • Reduction in anxiety levels
  • No more heartburn or acid reflux
  • Less caffeine
  • Reduction in the risk of Type 2 diabetes


  • Serving size: 2g/mini cups 
  • Servings per container: 5 mini cups 
  • Calories: 7 
  • Caffeine content: 0mg/2mg 
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